Compare the Best Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards are tailored toward those who own small businesses, operate or manage a small or large business, and those who use credit cards to make business purchases. You can essentially charge any kind of business expense: buying inventory, paying for travel, gas, entertaining of clients, or office supplies.

The best business credit cards will be those with the most perks and benefits that you’ll actually take advantage of on a regular basis, so study those carefully to make sure that they are a good match for your spending habits and routine card usage. When reviewing offers, always weigh the perks and features against the interest rate and any annual fee or other charges that the card carries. Sometimes owning a card for your business can be useless from a benefit standpoint if they aren’t used on a routine basis.

Business credit cards also offer many features and tools to help you run your business, manage your budget, track your expenses, stay on top of your taxes and tax deductible expenses, and save time and extra labor when dealing with card related finances. Make sure to inquire about these business credit card tools and online account features that are often provided for free by some of the best card issuers.

Comparing Popular Business Credit Card Brands for Small Businesses Like Yours

Visa, MasterCard, Amex (American Express), Discover, and many other credit card companies offer credit cards for small businesses. The key to selecting one is to think about where you do most of your shopping. Visa small business credit cards are fairly universal, but they are not accepted at Sam’s Club. If you have to go there to do a lot of your supply shopping, you may prefer a MasterCard small business credit card. Assess the interest rates and rewards that each credit card company has to offer before settling on the right one for you.

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