About Cash Back Credit Cards – Find the Best Cashback Credit Cards

Cash back credit cards, as their name implies, reward you with cash back for using the card. That makes them one of the most popular kinds of rewards cards because it’s like getting an extra discount on every purchase.

When looking for a cash back credit card you will want to keep in mind, however, that the biggest factors impacting any credit card are those that affect your interest rate and any standard fees and charges. If you get a card with too high of an interest rate or too expensive of an annual fee, it might undermine the whole point of trying to receive extra cash. The cash you get back with your cash back credit card should be viewed as an added perk. In other words, the best cashback credit card for you should allow you to enjoy that perk based on its fundamental ability to provide cash rewards in a relatively short amount of time.

Check our expert ratings, compare cards, and locate the top cash back credit cards which deliver the best all-around benefits – moderately low interest rate, universal cash back option and potentially one with no cap on the amount of cash back that can be earned. Most cash back credit cards will generally offer anywhere from 1% to 5% cash back – and will have guidelines regarding how much cash you can earn during a given timeframe. But if you pick your card wisely and then use it responsibly a cash back credit card is just like having an automatic savings plan or piggy bank tied to your purchase activity.

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