Find a Secured Credit Card

If you’re new to credit or just starting your financial journey, you may be asking yourself what is a secured credit card? Or, how does a secured credit card work? Secured credit cards are perfect for consumers who have little credit history, no credit history, or bad credit history.

Secured credit cards work the same way as traditional credit cards in that your account activity will be reported to the three major credit bureaus. Secured cards also work like prepaid debit cards because you have to put down, known as a security deposit, in order to use the card. Your security deposit will also act as your line of credit. You should work hard to manage your account responsibly so positive account activity is reflected on your credit report instead of negative account activity.

Compare our secured card options to find the best secured credit card to fit your needs. Once you get approved, you can start to build or rebuild your credit by managing your account responsibly. 

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