No Foreign Transaction Fee or International Transaction Fee Credit Cards

Nearly all of the major United States based credit card companies, except for a handful of issuers, charge an average of 2-3% foreign transaction fee on every purchase when customers are travelling outside the country. These foreign transaction fees can quickly add up, especially if you are buying expensive items on a credit card and having them sent back to the states. Recently, Bank of America and American Express raised their international transaction fees. Even if you purchase your hotel reservations while in the US, companies are now adding the foreign transaction fees in addition to hospitality taxes.

One tip that many people don’t consider is to actually call your credit card company ahead of time and inform them that you are traveling overseas. This way, you don’t risk having charges declined due to the credit card company seeing suspicious activity on your account based on the location of the purchase. Additionally, you can have peace of mind to use your card in an emergency. If you expect to do a lot of travel, it might be wise to acquire credit cards with no foreign transaction fee so you’re sure to be fee free.

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