Gas Cards: The Best Gas Credit Cards to Use at the Pump

Gas cards reward you for using your credit card to buy gas – and many of the best gas credit cards also offer rewards or rebates on other kinds of purchases, too. These gas cards typically offer from 1% back on your purchases – including 1%-3% back automatically whenever you buy gasoline from any service station. A gas card may also offer as much as 20% off for special promotional purchases from participating retailers.

There are basically two kinds of gas credit cards, those that are affiliated with a specific brand of gasoline such as Shell, Mobil, BP and those that are general. If you buy more than one kind of brand of gas you may want to opt for a more flexible card that rewards you beyond your brand loyalty. Some cards only offer rebates on gas purchases too, but the best gas credit card offers let you earn rebates on a variety of kinds of purchases from a wide range of retailers.

Look for gas credit cards with competitive interest rates and low fees, otherwise your monthly or annual credit card charges could easily negate any extra savings that a targeted gas rebate credit card generates. To help figure out which one will give you the best rewards you can use our comparison tool or compare reviews of gas credit cards and their various features, fees, and rewards plans.

Unfortunately, people with bad credit looking for gas cards for bad credit may have a difficult time finding a rewards credit card which provides some type of gas rebate incentive.

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